Volodin against Putin 

Communist VOLODIN Vladimir condemned the Moscow Regional Court, on a false charge, for a period of 15 years in prison.

Taking part in the struggle against the regime of President Putin''s false, any citizen of Russia risks being in prison. The exception is the opposition that is completely subordinate to the president Putin. The hypocrisy of the authorities that they needed them to create their own opposition.

Officials, especially judges, prosecutors, investigators earn ipoborami bribes. Extort money. To do this, start to chase innocent people. Everyone who has money. Also pursue all those who do not agree with Putin. This is in the interests of Putin, on his initiative. Putin this never confess. He is hypocritical when it is fighting corruption. Which spawned itself and it needs to retain power. For this reason, it persecutes those who financially helps the opposition. Financial assistance from overseas countries, declared them as an aid to overthrow the government. Because of his fear of losing power, it pursues all Russians who are able to give the money to fight this criminal regime. The company "INTER UNION" organized by Vladimir Volodin was clearly a socialist direction. It was clear where the money can be spent on income. The company managed to accumulate more assets in these projects. The cost was more than 100 million И. Currently, the company "INTER UNION" reorganized. To hide the fact that theft is renamed the company "Okvil". Website: okvil.ru where even the names have been changed projects. The only thing that can not be changed is the location and address of where everything was built. De facto leader was a former companion Grooms Vladislav / онюхов ¬ладислав/. But the real shadow guide, this criminal organization - " Putin''s friends. " Those who are all in Russia are paid to avoid being persecuted intelligence.

Vladimir Volodin, first in Russia, revived the construction of housing for the poor. Class accommodation - economy was in great demand. Even at the peak of the 2008-2009 crisis sales "INTER UNION" on the rise. Ignoring the discontent competitors and extortionists of the intelligence services building confidence to move forward in time. The company achieved the highest yield almost 200% profit in a year. All of this was due to high rates of construction, rapid turnover of cash and strong demand for low-cost housing. For trigoda of the company, Vladimir Volodin managed to create some very profitable projects. This is assuming that it all started in almost complete absence of seed capital. Vladimir was able to convince potential buyers to invest at the initial stage of construction. All this is due to his authority honest man and a communist. People bought the apartment when on the site of the house did not even have a foundation. The financial side of the business was very difficult. However, all customers receive their apartment in record time. About a year after construction began, people became owners of their apartments. For the Russian real estate market was a record. This was the merit of the crisis and the company "INTER UNION." Putin and his mafia robbing people. They have a goal - to increase the price of housing. Volodin prevent Putin. Volodin is building low-cost housing. It became clear that quality housing can be affordable for everyone!

Putin''s team started the persecution of communists Volodin. Mafia Putin wanted to oust the company Volodin of the Moscow region. Bandits Putin proposed transaction. Volodin out of the suburbs, and Putin''s people give him the land in another region free. Volodin refused bandits.

This Grooms Vladislav / онюхов ¬ладислав/. He was scared mafia Putin. The prosecutor ordered VYBORNOV take money from Volodin. Vladislav became a traitor. Vladislav small children. He was afraid of threats prosecutor. After the arrest of Vladimir Volodin, he took away all his money. Now Vladimir no money.

This collection of "INTER UNION". Vladimir Volodin - third from the left. Vladislav Grooms - the second from the left. It''s winter 2009. At this time, Volodin would go to jail. Falsely accused him. Gangsters, mafia Putin and prosecutors lied that he scammer. After 6 months, the prosecutor accused Vladimir. The prosecutor lied that Vladimir Volodin - sex maniac!

This is my ex-wife. Tatiana Romanova.

In 2009. In our family, there was a conflict. I learned that my wife is unfaithful to me.

General Prosecutor Vybornov Alexander, a relative of my wife. Vybornov very powerful man in the Russian mafia.

We parted with his wife. Vybornov taught wife. She accused that Vladimir Volodin sex maniac! His wife was lying. Its purpose money. Vybornov wants to be the owner of the company. He wants to repeal the "INTER UNION."

Tatiana Romanova said Vladimir raped daughter! Then she said - Vladimir raped her! Further said that raped all together! Then she said she was raped since 2009. Then he said that the violence began in 2007. It further states that rape in 2002. Tatiana got entangled in his lies.

This girl named Marina Romanova. Tatiana and Marina have family ties. Vybornov Marina ordered to lie. Accuse Vladimir. Marina lied to the court. Marina had hoped to get the money. They wanted to split the money. That belonged to Vladimir. This photo was taken in the apartment of Vladimir. Vladimir apartment has a price - 250 000 И.

The photo on the left ex-wife Tatiana. On the right side Svezhintseva daughter Svetlana. Svetlana was brought Vladimir when she was three. Svetlana does not own daughter. Tatiana Svetlana forced to lie that Vladimir raped daughter in 2002.

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